About Alfonso Arroyo Ulloa
About Alfonso Arroyo Ulloa
I am a financial professional with twenty years of experience in banking, investment and extensive knowledge about financial services. Two of the strengths that distinguish me are my strong analytical skills and my proven history of high sales.

I have worked for the Bank of America NT & SA and Citibank NA administering credit and business generation. Additionally, I have been a consultant to several business and industry in Central America.

I refer Ex-Im Bank loans in Latin America and the Caribbean to U.S. banks located in the State of Florida, USA since 1991.

Lic. Alfonso Arroyo Ulloa

Ex-Im Bank (U.S.A.), BILLING, European and Asian ECAS.

San Salvador, El Salvador. Central America.

Phone: (503) 7797-7135

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: alfonsoarroyoulloa.com

Lic. Alfonso Arroyo Ulloa - Especialista en financiamiento Ex-Im Bank (U.S.A.)

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